Your Best Shot: Event Tales From The Pros

Event Pro: Tracy Kessler
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Company: TK New York, Inc
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Tracy Kessler
  1. How long have you been planning/producing events?  17 years
  2. Do you have a specialty?  Large Scale Advertising Driven Events
  3. What’s the best part about what you do?  The people that work for me and the people we work for.  TK New York, Inc. is a family mentality. 
  4. What event has been your most favorite to produce and why?   It’s a tie between the PlayBoy Mansion Halloween Party and the Maxim Super Bowl Event.   The trust my clients have in my creative vision is inspiring to really wow them each and every time!
  5. How do you manage stress leading up to an event?  Meditation and Excel Spreadsheets!
  6. If you could work on ANY event in the world, what would it be? The Olympics Opening Ceremony

  7. What do you love best about your HipHolster?  It keeps me handsfree – and all the compliments I get! (Tracy is wearing the leather Comcatch hoslter).

  8. What do you keep in your HipHolster?  My cell phone, my radio, a sharpie and sometimes my floorplans