Your Best shot: Event Tales from the pros


Event Pro: Nicole Eckenrode

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Company: Nicole Eckenrode Special Event Planning


Nicole rocking the HipHolster Comcatch Flex

Nicole rocking the HipHolster Comcatch Flex

1. How long have you been planning/producing events? I have been planning/producing events for about six years, but I worked as a venue manager for five years prior to that.

2. Do you have a specialty? I really enjoy creating heavily themed events. I like to find creative ways to incorporate theme and provide that "wow" factor.

3. What’s the best part about what you do? I love to see my vision come to life especially when I am able to overcome obstacles and produce a successful event.

4. What event has been your most favorite and why? I think my favorite was a space themed holiday party that I produced for my previous employer. The party was set under the Endeavor space shuttle and the California Science Center. We incorporated fun elements such as star projections, a moon dessert table, nitrogen popcorn and upscale space themed décor. Photos can be seen on

5. How do you manage stress leading up to an event? I keep lists and master production timelines that help me stay organized. I try to exercise to balance out the stress.

6. If you could work on ANY event in the world, what would it be? I would love to work on one of the Oscar or Grammy parties. Or maybe a big themed product launch. Anything with a big budget and a fantastic theme.

7. What do you love best about your HipHolster? I love the look and functionality of HipHolster. I work a lot of events that require me to wear cocktail or formal gowns and I don’t have pockets for all my essentials. I need to be hands free otherwise I set things down and then misplace them. I love the sophisticated design which looks good with my dress attire, but also doesn’t weigh on my shoulders like a crossbody bag does.

8. What do you keep in your HipHolster? I usually keep my cell phone, walkie talkie, a pen, a key card  and a lipstick in my HipHolster.