Your Best Shot: Event Tales From The Pros

Event Pro: Françoise Weeks
Email address:
Company: Françoise Weeks Floral Design
Company website:
Instagram: @francoiseweeks

  1. How long have you been a foral designer?  21 years
  2. Do you have a specialty?  I teach botanical couture, woodland and wedding workshops in my studio in Portland, OR as well as all over the US and internationally.
  3. What are your favorite botanicals to work with?  I love incorporating a lot of textures in designs: succulents, interesting foliage, seedpods, etc.  I definitely have a preference for small flowers; some of my favorite flowers are hellebores, fritillaria maleagris, muscari, columbine, lilacs, poppies.
  4. Who attends your botanical workshops? Lots of florists who want to ignite their passion for flowers again, or they want to learn the craft so they can open up a new revenue stream in their own floral business. And some are just hobbyists who love flowers!
  5. How do you teach someone to be as creative as you are? I try to teach students to look at flowers through different eyes. What speaks to you? I also share the technical mechanics so they can bring their vision all together.
  6. If you could create florals for any person or event in the world, what would it be? A botanical fashion show
  7. What do you love best about your HipHolster?  It is super convenient to have my phone and basic tools on me ( and not having to waste time to looking for them) – it looks great and is so well made (Françoise is wearing the leather Comcatch hoslter).
  8. What do you keep in your HipHolster? Clippers, wire cutters, a pen and my phone